Sainik Degree College is mainly concerned with higher degree courses like B.Sc, B.A., B.Com, BTC, M.A., M. Sc. etc. Come..

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Sainik Law College is mainly concerned with higher degree courses like LL.B. Here we nuture future Lawyers & Judges..

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Sant Ram Lakhan College is mainly concerned with higher degree courses like B.Sc, B.Com, NTT, BTC and Diploma Courses like..

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sainik pharmacy college

Sainik Pharmecy College is mainly concerned with higher degree courses like D.Pharma Course like..

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Welcome To Sainik Group Of Institutions

Located in one of the biggest city metropolis of State of Uttar Pradesh Allahabad Sainik Group of Institutions, Allahabad stands as a hallmark of higher education. It is an educational community where students of various religions and cultural backgrounds study and work together in a congenial atmosphere. The college is geared to provide maximum scholastic benefit to each individual student.Keeping pace with changing times and observing the changing composition of the students thecollege has been constantly and consistently upgrading its motives and objectives.

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The Sainik Group Of Institution College Emblem symbolize the College in manner and purpose, The College emblem ideas revolve around four features: The Giant Wheel, Aum or Om, The Sun Rays, and The Motto (Swamev Mrigendrata).

The Giant Wheel that contains the college motto portrays the cycle of creation, preservation and release, and signifies the movement in life across time and space. Similarly the college aims at unrelenting movement of life and the progressive life cycle. Signifying continuity as well as change, the wheel implies the continuous striving of Sainik group Of Istitutions College for social transformation and upliftment.

The rays emanating from the sun, the source of universal energy with Aum embedded within is symbolic of the triumph of light over darkness.This is projected by the bright colour all. The rays emerge from the sun to enlighten - the dispersal of ignorance. The fading darkness, and prevailing light, taking the earth out of ignorance & evil, and into the light, knowledge, and righteousness.